5 Amazing Casino Jackpot Winners’ Stories That Will Make You Cry Laughing

They’re the online slots that dreams are made of and boy do jackpot games make dreams come true. But not every jackpot that is paid out has been a picture perfect one! In fact some are just damn right funny. And that brings us on to today’s topic as we’ll be looking at some funny gambling stories that’ll make you fall of your seat laughing, so buckle up.

Jackpot Stories That Will Make You Laugh

We all dream of winning the big one don’t we? And, when we’ve got games like Microgaming’s Mega Moolah Slot and NetEnt’s Mega Fortune Slot flashing the cash there’s always going to be a few jackpot winners stories lurking.

And, over the years we’ve had the pleasure of being able to share with you some amazing casino stories. Some of those stories just happen to be funny ones too. Would you ever dream about winning a jackpot while sat on the toilet? Nope! But that is exactly what one lucky member done.

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Buckle up as we look at some of the funniest gambling stories in the industry.

In fact, all the funny casino stories we’re about to share with you are pretty unbelievable! You may need to read them twice before you even believe it.

Jackpots Can Happen When You Least Expect It

Now, most of us when we first load up a jackpot game never actually expect to hit that huge win and the online casino stories we’re about to share all happen when the players have least expected it! Let’s take a look:

#1 It All Happened in the Toilet

This is one of the best casino stories we’ve written so it had to take proud place at the top. It all happened at VegasHero Casino when a lucky Swedish player won an incredible 1.6 Million SEK on NetEnt’s Divine Fortune Slot. The 25 year old player was just about to cash out their previous winnings when they decided to have one more bash. The player, sat on the toilet at the time continued spinning when the massive 1,662,135.30 SEK rolled in on the reels!

The player had to run downstairs to tell his family, let’s just hope he’d finished on the toilet first! You can read this casino story here A Lucky VegasHero Player Wins 1.6 Million SEK on the Divine Fortune Slot.

#2 An 8-day Winning Streak

The next of our jackpot stories is nothing less than remarkable. This one took place at Casumo Casino with a player who was determined he wasn’t going to quit! A Finnish player turned a simple €100 deposit into a massive €179K from a series of big wins over the space of 8 days before opting for the big withdrawal. He managed to pick the right slots at the right time, landing him that incredible payout. Check out the full story – A Finnish Player Nails an Unusual €179K Jackpot at Casumo.

#3 Lucky Lunch Break

This next player, a British construction worker was going around his normal working day when he decided to have a bash of his favourite games on his lunch break. And boy oh boy did it turn out to be the best lunch break he’s ever taken! (Although we doubt his employer is probably thinking the same.) Anyway, the player loaded up the Loot’en Khamun Slot at bwin Casino when the player landed the biggest single payout in the casinos 20 year history, a whopping £3.8m! Read more in our story A British Player Banks a £3.8m Jackpot While Playing in Work.

#4 A Dog Saves the Day

This story took place again at Casumo Casino only this time, the lucky player was kept awake by their new dog! Turns out to be one of the luckiest dogs in the world as the player went on to win an incredible €131K jackpot on the Divine Fortune Jackpot Slot whilst lying in her bed awake. To top it off the jackpot was won a mere 0.40c bet and not even the player’s husband believed her when she told him! Check out our story The €131K Divine Fortune Jackpot is Won From a 0.40c Bet for more information.

#5 Pizza Time!

The last of our casino jackpot stories was at Pokerstars Casino and it all took place while the lucky member was waiting for his pizza to cook! He opened the Mega Fortune Slot while his pizza was sizzling i the oven when the massive €3.5m jackpot appeared on his screens. We wonder if he ever got to eat that pizza! Read our story Mega Fortune Delivers a €3.5m Jackpot to a Lucky German.

And that’s it guys! We hope we’ve laughed your socks off and if we haven’t why not see if you can create your own one.

Got a Funny Story to Share?

Now, if you’ve got your very own funny winning story already we would love to hear it. It doesn’t even need to be a jackpot win! Just join us over in the forum and tell us all about it there. We can’t wait to see you.

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